Metro flyer horoscope

20 Sep 2016 01:10

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Metro flyer online horoscope, your online retailer. See our flyer for weekly deals and personalized print coupons, find recipes and a shopping list online today! Metro Flyer 15-21 September 2016 now live. A simple way to browse the discounted products and promotions by subway. Grab the best offers and a list of your products Metro flyer horoscope.

I would like to receive news comprising: recipes including weekly menu based on the flyer specials; nutritional info; special offers

Because Metro Ontario stores (the former A & P Canada) with Air Miles at Safeway, which locations in Thunder Bay, the location of the underground in the city have their own loyalty program is called Thunder Bucks. Just like Air Miles, customers receive Thunder 1 point for every $ 20 spent, and bonus promotions are broadly similar to those of Air Miles in the rest of the province. However, the points are automatically redeemed for gift certificates in the amount of 125 points on a $ 20 gift certificate.

Stores in Weekly Flyer Canada, except those in Thunder Bay, participate in the Air Miles program. Customers earn 1 reward mile for every $ 20 in cumulative spending per week (Sunday to Saturday). Points can be redeemed for various items including supermarkets buyouts (95 miles can be redeemed for $ 10 in groceries).

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